Working with Cancer Patients is Not Depressing

working cancer not depressing“Isn’t it depressing?” the first question I’m asked, which tells me many people don’t understand just how clarifying and transformative the cancer experience can be. Having worked with cancer for 20 years and having had it myself, I understand what everyone else does—that cancer is shocking, harrowing, painful and sometimes fatal. But there is much more to the story, and as a psychotherapist, I am on the front line watching lives open, deepen and heal, regardless whether patients live or die.

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Students Extend the Hand of Friendship

students extend 1North Davis Elementary School students have extended the hand of friendship all the way to Africa, and thanks to a Davis High student and her mom, that friendship is now evident on the wrists of hundreds of children in Ethiopia.

Lauren Cordano, who graduates from Davis High School this week, traveled to Ethiopia with her mom, Pam Cordano, in April. There, for two weeks, they assisted the Bay Area organization Doctors Giving Back in providing medical relief and installing water filtration systems to some communities in desperate need of both. They also distributed more than 1,000 friendship bracelets that students at North Davis spent several months making.

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Davis Bicycles!

davis bicyclesPushing the limits

How does a non-athletic, mother-of-two who’s immersed in a very busy life decide to ride her bike 545 miles down the coast of California?

In my case, it started with the chance meeting with an AIDS doctor who sent me a link to the AIDS Ride, an annual event in which 2,500 cyclists ride their bikes from San Francisco to Los Angeles in seven days to raise millions of dollars to provide critical services to people living with HIV and AIDS.

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