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Adoptees Rising Retreat

May 28 - 31, 2020  or
June 25 -28, 2020

Come join the (adopted) therapist and the (adopted) writing coach for a transformative 4-day retreat in Davis, California.

At the heart of Pamela Cordano and Anne Heffron’s careers is the joy of helping others connect with their undiscovered inner resources of strength, wisdom and vitality.

We will:

    • Understand how the Default Network impairs your healing
    • Turn your story into a surprising source of strength
    • Tap into who you are beyond your adoption experience
    • Experience the healing power of being in community with adoptees.
The longer story:

We didn’t ask to be adopted. Our adoption is an external situation that focuses on other people, a situation that has been inserted into our nervous systems in a world that tends to not understand what that means.

The good news is that we have the inclination to heal and to be whole, and just as tree shoots begin to grow from a fallen tree in the forest, your sense of wholeness and place in the world can grow from where you are now.

Pam and Anne, in their own ways, are able to see this life force in people and help tease it out. Anne is all about language and about helping you to reframe your story and sense of self and to position yourself in the world as a person who belongs. Pam can feel where there is vitality and health that wants to happen—glimmers of light waiting to emerge—despite the compelling habits of feeling small and deadened and keeping everyone else comfortable. Both Anne and Pam use creativity and fun in their approaches, which helps the nervous system relax and receive.

All of this work leads to an increase in energy, connection, softening, hope, and introduces a healthier, more gratifying way of being in your life.

For four days we will be the whole world with each other where new things can happen and where new, healthy parts of the self can emerge, where new parts can find more space to be expressed.

At the end there will be ways to anchor these experiences so when people leave, the retreat won’t just be a memory. It will be the new you.

Cost: $825 for the retreat and nourishing breakfasts & lunches. Many nearby AirBnbs are available for lodging.

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