Metamorphosis Overview

THE Masterclass


A path to your deeper "Yes"

The poet David Whyte says, the opposite of exhaustion is wholeheartedness. Nothing excites me more than working with people who have grown tired of old, worn out patterns and boxing themselves in with limiting beliefs. These courageous people are ready to risk new ways of living and thriving, prioritizing their dreams over the alarm bells of their survival brains. Knowing that our time is limited, the fundamental questions are What is your life asking of you? What do you want to create? Who do you want to serve? This 12-week Masterclass is a shared odyssey of deepening your unique path to a wholehearted life while enjoying support and friendships in an online community.

Soleful Travel


A catalyst for meaningful transformation

I tell people that deciding to walk 100 miles on the Camino de Santiago is saying Yes to a Call. Like the Camino literally Calls to you. “Psssst, hey you! You’re in an important transition! There are life-changing treasures to be found inside of you! Let’s take a walk on the ancient road and discover them!” Who hears this Call? Well, anyone, since we are all in transition. But especially people in the aftermath of a change or a crisis; like the person who has endured cancer and now needs to learn what it’s like to live beyond surviving. Or the person wanting to end an exhausting pattern, to finally risk letting it go so they can open to what will replace it. Or the person “stuck” or “blocked,” avoiding a creative endeavor, an important one; scared to step up to living their most authentic and generous life.




My life’s work has been to get off the fence between life and death, to find a lasting and wholehearted Yes for life itself. No matter what. I straddled the fence for 46 years. Orphaned, abused, adopted—I had a rough start. It didn’t take much to want out of this body and off this planet. And my 2 million year-old brain didn’t help—if I wanted to find danger, rejection, or humiliation, no problem—I was surrounded with opportunities. I love to share experiences and practical learnings which helped me to find my deeper Yes, when anything else would have been easier. I hope sharing my Yes supports yours to take greater root in your life. The more rooted we are in Yes, the more strength we have to help others get off the fence and join this beautiful life wholeheartedly.



Doing crisis alone is too hard

Did you know our culture isn’t great at helping people in crisis? I hear about it all the time—loved ones with the best intentions saying the wrong things. Going on a retreat with people who are facing the same challenge as you is hands down the quickest, best way to make deep, meaningful bonds. These new connections will help you move forward with support that actually supports you. Sure, the activities we do at the retreat are amazing—learning new life skills, sharing powerful stories—but the real treasure of a retreat is the lifelong bonds you create and go home with. These new friends infuse your life with stability, meaning, and joy.



Practical tools for  your meaningful life

For 11 years I’ve facilitated a weekly meaning group for people facing a variety of unimaginable circumstances. On paper you’d never want to be any of these people, but in real life they’ve found their way to joy and meaning. Way more than the average bear. The Monday Groupers marvel that no one leaves our “family” except through death. The downside is that only this select group gets to learn and practice the best ways we’ve found to immediately improve a sense of connection, vitality, and meaning. That’s where these experiential workshops come in. I share our best stuff with you in one day.

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