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Camino de Santiago:

“This trip is something I will forever cherish. I don’t think I have ever experienced something of this magnitude.”

"This trip was nothing like I’d expected, and nothing like I’ve ever done before, and I loved it. It was beautiful but also challenging, and I’d do it again in a flash."

“I am so much more "myself" again since this trip.”


"I’ve never really had a “tribe” before or felt that kindred spirit with women and will cherish it forever."

"The sense of community was immediate and welcome, a safe cocoon. I know what I discovered about myself will take me far on my journey of life."

"I’m deeply grateful for your transparency and heart for this amazing group of women and also for the special space you provided for me."

"This is the best gift you will ever give yourself! I have never felt more supported, loved, accepted and seen. The care, love and thought put into planning is what makes this so special. Be prepared to laugh, cry, hug, share and heal. This is the best reunion of people you can’t wait to meet. I am leaving this retreat with not only a clearer sense of self, but a new set of lifetime sisters."

"This retreat was spot on, unexpected and transformational. I am excited to anticipate the expansiveness and transformation that follows as we go out from this place. I really felt seen, heard and cared for—in ways large and small."

"This retreat was a tremendous experience. I felt immediately comfortable which I do not usually feel in groups unless I am leading them. As I sat, pieces of my puzzle clunked into place in ways I have not felt before. Lots of tears and even more laughter. Life changing!"
~ Therapist

"The tools and framework you offered to us have been life changing. The bridge and intentional efforts to seek out meaningful experiences and expansion have and will continue to generate clarity and acceptance in me."
~ Therapist

"Pamela provided a wonderful workshop for our adult adoptees. Through her sense of humor, approachable language, and leadership, we were able to learn practical tools for cultivating meaning in our own lives. We are grateful for Pamela’s guidance in helping us choose life. We appreciate her combination of explanation and hands-on practice. Pamala offers a powerful space for adoptees to connect and heal together. We only wish we could have had more time with her!"
~ Therapist, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio


"Pam raises the bar on life. She shows up so fully in your own life that she challenges others to do the same."

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation. Love your warm and genuine presence. The information was great and very helpful!"

"Awesome, down-to-earth sense of humor and approachable language. Great at reading the room and the participants."

"Offered practical tools for healing, finding your authentic self, and dealing with triggering moments."

"Great variation of lecture/explaining and hands-on activities/practice. We only wish we could have had more time with her!"


"The training this morning was inspiring and thought-provoking. "
~ Kaiser Social Worker

"In Pam’s training on grief to UC Davis students, she created a warm and personable atmosphere to talk about a difficult subject. She helped identify different presentations of grief in adults and children, so that we could understand it well in preparation for working with kids at Camp Kesem."
~ UC Davis Student

"Thank you again for the training. I really loved it. Makes me feel differently about life. I am happier with myself and my relationship."
~ Participant

"Thanks again for presenting to our group of oncology social workers yesterday. It was such a thought-provoking and inspiring topic, I went to bed last night wanting to do my own personal meaning work."
~ Sutter Cancer Center Social Worker

"Pam is really skilled at this. She has a talent for pinpointing the essence of what people are describing and gently leading them towards an understanding in such a non-threatening way."
~ Cancer Patient

"When Pam Cordano came to help us learn about grief, I felt an instant connection to her! The way she expresses herself makes you feel a very welcoming presence that I thoroughly enjoyed."
~ Camp Kesem Counselor, USF

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